POLSKA – DANCE PATHS is a film about a group of Polish and Swedish musicians (led by Janusz Prusinowski) who met in December 2015 in order to participate in a year-long musical project connecting the two countries.

Their work on the new repertoire included plenty of musical conversations and quests for similar motifs and musical themes. It also resulted in an attempt at preparing material for a new CD. Right from the first encounters and musical sessions in Warsaw, through the “Mazurkas of the World” festival, up to the Swedish folk music festivals at Bingsjö i Korrö, where the Polish-Swedish team performed together for the first time, the musicians were accompanied by the film crew: the director Tomasz Knittel, cinematographer Maciej Puczyński and sound recordist Michał Baczuń.

 POLSKA – DANCE PATHS welcomes you to the amazing, vivid world of traditional music; it is also a story about a group of musicians, their commitment, passion and love of music, and finally, about the Polish and Swedish mentality, cultural similarities and differences.

Tomasz Knittel – the film’s director


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