I am a dancer, musician, researcher and a Polish traditional dance instructor.

“In Swedish dances I have found a love of whirling in pairs that is akin to Polish traditional dances – but the Swedish ones are much calmer, more romantic and proud (which makes them similar to the Polish kujawiak or polonaise). They are less wild and frantic than ourmazurs, mazureks, powolniaks or wiwats, although they often have the same trance-like quality. I see Poland and Sweden as two dance worlds that resemble the two arms of a magnetic needle in a compass – they are both interdependent and rooted in the same point.

I am a dancer, musician, graduate of the Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Warsaw, researcher and a Polish traditional dance instructor. I co-founded the Warsaw-based “Dom Tańca” Association. I organise educational and cultural projects and I am a member of the Janusz Prusinowski Kompania. Dance fascinates me in its anthropological context, but also in the way it is a language that enables people to express their emotions and because it is an important factor that contributes to a sense of community. I treat music and dance as a pretext to meet other people.

I love running the dance workshops and I have been doing it for over two decades. I learnt directly from older village and urban dancers, as well as from archive sources. I have created my own teaching programme that takes into account the abilities and skills of the current generation, which has been deprived of contact with live traditional music. On commission by the Institute of Music and Dance, I contribute to www.tance.edu.pl  I also have my own YouTube channel YouTube kanał Taniec Tradycyjny PL,, where I upload short dance tutorials.”




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