Piotr is a member of the Janusz Prusinowski Kompania and the Monodia Polska vocal ensemble, and works closely with Adam Strug. A co-creator of the Mazurkas of the World festival, he is also the originator of the Instrument Fair that is part of the event. He is passionate about village music and documenting it. Formerly an actor and music-maker at the Studium Teatralne theatre, at present he is a performer and contributor at the Play By Ear children’s theatre. He has organised promotional events that aim to popularise traditional Polish music at the Womex fair in 2012. He is the coordinator of the “Traditional Polish Music in Turkey 2014” project and art director at the www.akademiakolberga.pl website and the creator of the www.targowiskoinstrumentow.pl website.

Piotr is a determined dancer, reveller and free spirit. In his private life, he accompanies his wife Dorota in her travels and quests and assists their three growing kids in their explorations. He graduated in sociology.


Mazurek Łąkowy – movie by Piotr Piszczatowski and Jacek Bogdanienko.


www.akademiakolberga.pl movie by Piotr Piszczatowski and Piotr Baczewski (more Piotr Baczewski movies on: Muzyka Zakorzeniona)

Piotr in Play By Ear children’s theatre

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