“I was enthralled by the rich Swedish archives, where you can touch and feel 300-year-old musical scores handwritten by village fiddlers, full of polonaises, minuets, and whole collections of Baroque Polish dances that have been saved from annihilation by Swedish musicologists in Riga, Tallinn and Cracow.

I became fascinated by the amazing northern landscape, with its lakes hidden among the taiga, I was enchanted by the warm, hospitable, witty people, I admired the wonderful musicians, whose enormous talent can only be matched by their modesty.

For centuries, Swedes and Poles sailed the ocean of music together. Later, their paths diverged, and both musical traditions evolved separately. They’re just begging to be compared! So many questions to ponder! I get the feeling that this is just the beginning of a whole new adventure in my life.”

 Paweł is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. He studied the flute and the recorder under Michael Melzer in Jerusalem, and then honed his skills with Ricardo Kanji and Robert Ehrlich. He works with numerous historical music ensembles, and has participated in recording over 30 CDs. He plays various kinds of flutes, shawms and bagpipes. His repertoire includes Baroque, Rennaisance and Medieval music, as well as traditional and contemporary music.

He writes music for theatrical plays. He has founded and is the art director of the following groups: DanceryeOpen FolkOrkiestra Czasu Zarazy. He has performed in Germany, France, Russia, Japan and Taiwan.

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