Magnus Gustafsson is deputy head of the Musik i Syd institution, former director of Småland´s music archive, referee for music in the Nordic Council of Ministers, and former co-ordinator for the state phonogram subsidy group. In the mid-1980s he was one of the founders of the Korrö Folk Festival, which has become one of the largest folk music festivals in Sweden in recent years. He has published several books and articles on folk and baroque music, is a Riksspelman (National Folk Musician), and member of the Sågskära and Höök groups, with which he has been on tour in several countries. For many years he also worked as a freelance music journalist for Swedish Radio. He was recently awarded a PhD in Musicology at Lund University for his thesis Polskans historia (“The History of Polish dance and music in Sweden and Scandinavia”).


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