Polska - Dance Paths

Polish – Scandinavian musical project

The name and form of the Swedish dance polska has its background in the Renaissance Poland. Now, a few hundred years later, we are rediscovering the common roots our Polish and Swedish folk melodies and dances have grown from through the centuries…



The idea...

Dance Paths

Since that night, we had been looking for paths that would help us return to that mystical experience


Polska in Skandinavia

(…) more than 100.000 melodies (…)


A Barbarian Type of Beauty

An attentive man could in one week get a supply of ideas that would serve him for a lifetime.


Way of work

(…) our point of departure is exclusively artistic – we have no scientific ambitions (…)


Anna Öberg

A dancer and choreographer

about us...

Magnus Gustafsson

Author of “The History of Polish dance and music in Sweden and Scandinavia”

about us...

Justyna Rekść-Raubo

Cellist, gambist, and multi-instrumentalist.

about us...

Paweł Iwaszkiewicz

Musician. He plays various kinds of flutes, shawms and bagpipes…

about us...

Witek Broda

Fiddler and very subjective ethnographer.

about us...

Piotr Zgorzelski

I am a dancer, musician, researcher and a Polish traditional dance instructor.

about us...

Anna Čemeljić

Dancer, translator, the project’s coordinator.

about us...

Piotr Piszczatowski

Musician, actor, dancer, organizer, reveller and free spirit.

about us...

Vilja-Louise Skough-Aborn

Vocalist, composer and musicologyst

about us...

Bogumiła Zgorzelska

Bogumiła is a dancer.

about us...

Olof Misgeld

Olof Misgeld är en svensk spelman, forskare och lärare i folkmusik.

about us...

Janusz Prusinowski

Fiddler, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist. Organiser.

about us...

Anton Schneider

Dance teacher and dancer.

about us...

Justyna Piernik

Justyna is a vocalist, cultural manager and a journalist at the Poland’s Radio 2.

about us...

Ulrika Gunnarsson

A singer, who also plays the harmonium, fiddle and zither.

about us...

Jonas Hjalmarsson

Fiddler and teacher.

about us...

“Polska – Dance Paths” movie

(…) a film about a group of Polish and Swedish musicians…

The Film...

Maciej Puczyński


The Film...

Tomasz Knittel


The Film...

Fundacja Wszystkie Mazurki Świata, Musik i Syd, KMH

TVP Kultura, Dwójka PR, Instytut Polski w Sztokholmie

Co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage



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