A dancer and choreographer who uses Swedish traditional dance as the starting point for her artistic work. In 2006, she graduated from the University College of Dance and Circus in Stockholm (DOCH) and in 2015, she was awarded an MFA degree in Choreography at Stockholm University of Arts (SKH), as the first traditional dancer in its history.

Anna’s work comprises her own artistic projects as well as commissions from different venues and institutions, both in Sweden and abroad. Her deep knowledge of tradition in combination with her innovative approach has drawn a lot of attention to her choreographic work, which is characterized by the creation of multilayered performances with a strong physical approach, often using genre specific interaction between music and movement as a central core.

Anna is head teacher in traditional dance at Malung Folk Academy (Malungs folkhögskola) and regularly teaches and lectures at DOCH as well as the University of Trondheim, among other places.

Upcoming works
In the fall of 2016 Anna will be visiting traditional dancers from Norway and Sweden as part of her new artistic research project that deals with the idea of dance as a bearer of identity and embodied memory. She is also premiering the stage production “A Rhythmical Retreat”, based on traditional music and dance and dealing with rhythm as togetherness, desire and compulsion, combined with risk-taking and friction.


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